How to Keep Your Driveway Paving in Good Shape

How To Keep Your Driveway Paving in Good Shape

An asphalt driveway is a good investment. You might have paid a handsome budget to your Asphalt Contractor in Annapolis. Even if you purchased a property in Annapolis, you paid for the driveway indirectly. So, you must keep your driveway paving in good condition.

Here are some proven tips to keep your driveway paving in good shape.

#1. Do not ignore minor potholes

Minor cracks and potholes turn bigger over time. Fixing the bigger ones would need more effort and investment and by the time it will also cause more damage to your vehicle. Hence, you must act on time. Talk about the driveway issues with your Asphalt Contractor in Bowie, Annapolis, or other locality to know about the best maintenance solution and budget.

#2. Ensure drainage is proper

Water accumulation does more damage to your asphalt driveway than any other factor would do. If you notice any slippage, crack, or potholes disrupting the drainage, fix them on a priority basis. Every asphalt driveway needs a good elevation to keep the water aside. Your Annapolis Asphalt Contractor has to take measurement of the elevation and take due action. At times, it may demand applying another coating of asphalt mixture.

#3. Keep edges intact

The border of the asphalt driveway should be covered properly. Wear and tear on the edges are common due to environmental factors. Not to say, mechanical factors of the traffic like friction caused by a sudden brake usage contributes to the damage too. Seal your driveway edges with brick or another suitable pavement. Applying rubber gravel or other material is another good idea. They also improve the overall look of the driveway.

#4. Exercise good driving practice

Speeding vehicles do the maximum damage to the driveway when they move from the shoulder position to the center. Sudden use of accelerators or bakes also leads to unnecessary stress and friction on the driveway. You can reduce or contain such driveway damages with good driving practices.

#5. Keep your vehicles in good condition

Fuel and oil leaks are the common causes of asphalt roadway surface damage. The fuel and oil penetrate the surface and break up the aggregates of the asphalt. It leads to the crumbling of the asphalt bonds. If left unattended, the problem surfaces in the form of some depressions on the road. The driveway starts deteriorating further with the softening of the asphalt. Do not miss the routine servicing of your vehicles.

#6. Routine seal coating

Your asphalt driveway also deserves routine care and maintenance like your home. Sealcoating or pavement sealing is one such affordable means to perform it. What is Sealcoating? It’s the application of a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements. Typical materials for seal coating are refined tar-based, asphalt-based, acrylic, or oil-based. The layer blocks the entry of water, oils, and U.V. rays and improves the life of the driveway.

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