9 Signs You Need Asphalt Repairs and Need to Call Paving Professionals to Assess your Situation

signs you need asphalt repairs and need to paving professionals to assess your situation

Asphalt paving maintenance is important for keeping your property in good shape. Asphalt is a durable material for paving. Its life is enhanced even better when it is taken proper care of.  Regular maintenance and occasional repair help it stay safe and in good condition for a long time.Check your paving for these 9 signs that signify that its maintenance is due.

1. Drainage problems

When the drainage in the asphalt paving is not proper, moisture can seep into the layers and damage the paving. If you notice puddles and water retention in your parking lot, it’s high time to schedule its maintenance work.

2. Cracks

Wear and tear of asphalt paving over some time can lead to the occurrence of cracks on the surface. These cracks resemble a web and can be of varying degrees. Cracks must be dealt with urgency; if not addressed in time they can deteriorate further and damage the subgrade. If the cracks are deep and have spread over a large area, it might need a full-depth replacement of the affected area. You should call for help from a professional company that offers asphalt repair services for a thorough assessment of the damage.

3. Buckling and Warping

Buckling and warping happen when the base is compromised, either during construction or later. Heavy traffic over asphalt that has experienced cracks leads to buckling and warping. If water seeps into such paved surface, the subgrade becomes unstable. To fix this permanently, the affected subgrade and asphalt need to be removed and replaced appropriately.

4. Fading Color of Asphalt

When asphalt ages, its color turns from black to gray; it happens due to oxidation. Aged asphalt is more likely to crack as it gets brittle. Regular seal coating and crack filling will protect the damage from getting spread.

5. Stains

Automotive stains can eat the binding agent in asphalt. If there are prominent stains in your asphalt paving, they need to be addressed.

6. Growing Cracks

If you notice any visible cracks on the paved surface growing quickly, then immediate action is needed. Asphalt patching or filling these cracks early will help in enhancing the pavement’s lifespan in the long run.

7. Sinkage

Sinkage happens when the crushed stones compacted base on which the asphalt paving sits start eroding. The erosion indicates that water is seeping into it possibly from the downspouts from the nearby building structure. In such cases, in addition to asphalt gutter repair must also be carried out.

8. Undermining

When there is a crack in an underground drainage pipe, the soil enters the pipe, thereby undermining the asphalt surface above. To remedy this, professional paving experts have to dig the area, fix the cracked pipe, and then fix the damaged base and asphalt.

9. Crumbling Edges

Parking lots should ideally be protected on the edge with curbs or concrete gutters, else their edges will crumble. These edges can leave debris and damage the paving. In such cases, the affected asphalt must be replaced and edges must be guarded with curbs.

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