Commercial Asphalt Contractors vs. Residential: What services suit you?

Commercial Asphalt Contractors vs. Residential

Irrespective of whether it is a driveway or a parking lot, the material, Asphalt, is the same. However, constructing a pavement is different for both of them. Yet, a majority of contractors are engaged in both.

Any professional and reliable contractor who has an impeccable history of satisfied clients usually does not refer to themselves as commercial-only or residential only. That is because the process of building commercial parking lots and driveways is similar. Thus, most contractors can do both. Reputable commercial parking lot contractors can construct quality driveways. On the other hand, an established residential driveway contractor can also build a good parking lot.

However, do not be under the impression that both these projects are interchangeable because these are not. They differ in terms of drainage design and depth.

  • Depth of Subgrade Layer

If a site expects heavy and large vehicles like delivery trucks to grocery stores, the subgrade layer’s depth has to be thicker. If it is a commercial setting, the depth will be around 4-6 inches after compaction. However, a residential driveway typically handles passenger vehicles. So, if all other factors remain unchanged, the depth of the layer would be less.

  • Drainage Design

However, the subgrade layer’s depth is not the only factor. The drainage system is important in both these application types. For instance, commercial parking lots are much more complex.

Generally, parking lots are wider and larger. It signifies the slope has to be dramatic for avoiding puddle formation. It is imperative to note that standing water can infiltrate pavements and eventually form potholes. Rather water can be channelized into a proper drainage system constructed below the surface. A civil engineer has to design such a robust system based on the project size and the codes of the municipal building.

To put it even more simply, the equipment of a pavement contractor for the installation of residential driveways is not different from what is required for commercial projects. One thing is certain for sure. It is the work quality, which is important in both cases.

How do I know it’s quality work?

Some important determinants of quality work are using the right kind of materials, a well-considered design, and being built during a proper time of the year when temperatures can bear hot asphalt. Winters are not the correct time for such constructions as ambient temperatures dip below fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure you choose a reputable Maryland Asphalt Contractor or Commercial Asphalt Contractors in Baltimore for the construction of your commercial parking lots. An experienced contractor can offer prompt and quality workmanship. They can also create an aesthetically alluring outcome, which can last for many years to come. A reputable service provider has a team of professional staff who can assist prospective clients with all their queries.

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