Why Should You Have Commercial or Residential Snow Removal Estimate and Contract

Snow Removal Company in Maryland

One of the challenges for property managers living through a harsh winter in Maryland is to keep their premises safe for visitors amid snow and ice. Every year Premier Paving provides residential and commercial snow removal services in Maryland for residential buildings, retail facilities, and industrial and office buildings. As one of the established and reputed snow removal providers in Maryland, we have the knowledge and experience for combating harsh winter conditions in a safe and timely manner.

If you are looking for commercial or residential snow removal services in Maryland, get in touch with the experts at Premier Paving. When choosing any snow removal services it is important to have an estimate and a contract with the company. Let’s discuss in brief the various types of snow removal contracts.

Per Event Contract

This is the most basic type of snow removal service. You hire the service on a per-event basis – you avail of their service only when snow falls. When the snow accumulates to a certain height – 2 to 4 inches, it is plowed off by the snow removal service provider. In this kind of contract arrangement, you pay only for the service you receive.

Seasonal Contract

This type of contract is typically signed off for about 2-3 years at a fixed contract price. No matter how more or less the snowfall, it will be cleared off the premises by the snow removal company at the quoted price. Milder winter favors the contractor and for harsher winters the clients get more value for their money. When the contract is signed for a couple of years the law of averages works out for both parties.

Full-Service Contract

This type of contract is also set for 2-3 years and is great for retail properties that need a dedicated partner to combat the winter weather. Retail property managers who need ice treatment around the favor this contract as everything little thing is covered in this.

When drawing up a contract, it is also important to list what all services are included – like clearing the parking lot, sidewalks, entrance, etc.  For all kinds of snow removal needs in Maryland, trust the experts, and hire Premier Paving. Contact them today and book them for snow removal service during the winter in advance.