Asphalt Paving: How Technology Has Changed the Way We Pave

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You want a road to be friendly with your vehicle’s tires allowing you to have strong control at any speed. You want it to be durable. You don’t want to spend money and time repeatedly on road repair or construction. Needless to mention, affordability is the next big concern on your mind. Being one of the popular asphalt contractors in Annapolis, we try to improve our asphalt paving service by adopting technologies and exercising globally recognized practices.

Here is how we have raised our customer satisfaction with the technology-driven quality asphalt paving in Annapolis and nearby. We make use of the industry’s best technologies and practices at every stage of pavement as follows:

#1. Preparing the perfect ground

The use of technology is an integral part of our asphalt grading work in Annapolis. Premier Paving MD is a trusted grading and paving company in Annapolis. From rough and final grading to landscaping services and from construction and paving of driveways to constructing walkways and sidewalks, and septic and sewer systems, we handle all processes with perfection and adhering to the ISO standards regarding the workforce’s health and safety. We also take care of permit applications and fees.

Demolition and removal are completed using heavy machinery, including small bobcats and forklifts and when necessary, front loaders and large dump trucks. Advanced leveling measurement tools and techniques are applied to prepare the right ground. We provide the best grading service.

#2. Finishing the groundwork

The effectiveness of grading is enhanced with stabilizers or reclaimers. They have a large rotor blade that may be used to cut and pulverize damaged or old pavement, but which also may be used to mix lime, fly ash, or cement into the subbase in order to stabilize poor soils.

#3. Milling

The top layer is milled off or removed from the existing pavement to provide a relatively smooth surface on which to pave. Milling also helps with producing a rough, grooved surface, which will increase the existing pavement’s surface area when compared to an ungrooved surface. Milling is performed by heavy-duty miller equipment.

Milling is derived from the woodcraft business, but it makes sense in the paving construction work also. If you searched for asphalt paving near me for repair work, you can count on the Premier Paving MD for affordable yet high-quality milling and pavement.

#4. Preparing sub-base

The sub-base is the foundation layer beneath the asphalt paving and we do thorough testing of the ground as per the guidelines of the American Association of State Highway. We use the modern motor grader to create a sub-base featuring appropriate thickness, stability, and compaction. The compactness is provided by a compatible road roller. A base course of 6 to 8 inches of crushed aggregate is usually adequate.

We adhere to the recommendations of AASHTO and CAPA, 2000 and WAPA, 1995 and make sure that you get a rock-solid sub-base to support your asphalt pavement. Besides, we make sure that the sub-base has got the perfect slope that drains the water. Any flaws in the preparation of the sub-base adversely affect the quality of asphalt paving. Such a road has less endurance and they break easily.

#5. Preparing paving mixture

Asphalt is a natural binder obtained as a by-product during crude oil fractional distillation. Premier Paving MD, the best asphalt contractor in Annapolis, makes use of an advanced mixture machine to thoroughly mix asphalt and concrete in the right proportion and consistency. This process defines the strength and durability of the road or any construction work. The mixture is kept hot until it is applied to the construction site to avoid a premature setting. Depending upon the demand of the project, asphalt mixing plants can either be set up in the construction site itself or required materials can be transported from remote plants inappropriate storage.

#6. Spreading the mixture

We make use of a high-performance wheel loader to spread the concrete and asphalt mixture uniformly on the sub-base. While spreading the mixture, it’s important to avoid air being trapped inside the cavities of the mixture. Equal road thickness everywhere contributes to the safety of drivers and passengers traveling.

#7. Paving the mixture

The pavement roller or simply a paver again ensures the compactness and accuracy of the top layer of the asphalt mixture. Depending upon the width and regulatory compliance, we may use the right paving machine.

#8. Technology-based project management

We make use of an effective construction project management information system (PMIS). Improving communication and collaborate amidst all stakeholders including team and owners, the technology helps in overcoming barriers and managing changes effectively. It saves time and enhances productivity and quality both.

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