Residential and Commercial Snow Plowing for Driveways and Parking Lots

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Pristine snow-covered surroundings make everything look serene and calm. But only those who experience it know how treacherous heavy snowfall can be. Every winter residents of Maryland have to bear the brunt of incessant snowfall. That’s where snow removal services can come to the rescue. Snow and ice can disrupt normal day-to-day functioning and wreak havoc on your commercial property. It causes slip and fall injuries by making your driveways and parking lots slippery. It can damage the roof and put the integrity of your home at stake.

When snowfall is large and frequent, hiring professional commercial & residential snow removal services is a must. When looking for snow removal for driveways and parking lots, do not postpone hiring the service till the last moment. Most of the best service providers are booked early, so it is wise to plan in advance.

Commercial buildings see a lot of foot traffic, and the property owners are bound by law to offer their visitors a safe premise. For residential properties, sidewalks and streets must be cleared of snow to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The scope of work for snow removal in commercial and residential buildings is different, so it is important to define it in the snow removal contract you draw with the service provider.

Here are the things you should check when searching for snow plowing services in Annapolis, Baltimore & Bowie.

Do They Have Insurance Coverage?

The snow removal company must offer their workers the safety net of insurance coverage. The laws regarding it may vary front state to state, the type of job, and whether it is a commercial or residential property. Since snow removal entails risk, insurance is a must.

Knowledge of Local Snow Removal Regulations

The service provider should abide by the local rules and regulations to avoid fines. The snow removal regulations can vary from place to place, so knowing the local rules is important.

Appropriate Snow Removal Equipment

Equipment like compact track loaders with snow plows helps clear the driveway quickly and is great for residential snow removal. Equipment like skid steer loaders and compact wheel loaders must be in the fleet for large commercial snow removal works to clear larger areas.

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