Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Pavement Questions

Asphalt Paving

The paved surface that sees the most wear and tear, be it vehicle traffic, inclement weather conditions, or the movement of pedestrians; it sees all of it! It is very important to maintain the paved surface in the best possible condition to ensure the safety of visitors and users of the property. It is natural for commercial and residential owners to have queries about how to take care of the paved surface, and we at Premier Paving MD , are here to answer them all.

1. What Is the Most Common Form of Damage Occurring in Pavements? 

Although asphalt paved surface is quite durable, it has its limits, and over time there will be some wear and tear. The damage to asphalt paving can occur in many ways. For example, the aggregate can come off in crumbles over time, potholes start appearing in places, there can be a crack on the surface, and the striping will fade. All these damages do not just make your pavement look bad but can also be dangerous for vehicles and users.

2. What Should Be the Action Plan When the Pavement Gets Damaged?

As a property owner/manager, it is your responsibility to maintain the property such that it is safe for visitors and users. When you see any signs of damage, you should put a sign there to warn others of the damage and contact a professional pavement repair service provider to come and assess the damage. Asphalt paving repair is not DIY, so it is best to leave it to experts to evaluate it and carry out repair suitably.

3. What Steps Can One Take to Reduce Damage to Asphalt Paving?

As we discussed already, some form of damage will occur over a period of usage. It is inevitable; however, you can take steps to delay or even reduce the likelihood of serious damage. We highly recommend our clients get seal coating done for asphalt paved surfaces. In the seal coating process, a protective layer is sprayed over the asphalt, which acts as a barrier against things that damage the paving. It enhances the lifespan of the paving and saves it from getting damaged by sun, water, oil, chemicals, oxidation, etc. The seal coating layer slows down the depreciation of pavement.

4. When Should You Hire the Services of a Professional Paving Service Provider?

It would be best never to attempt to repair asphalt paving on your own. It is not a DIY thing and should always be done by professionals who are experts in the field. When you see any damage to the paved surface, you should hire professional asphalt repair services. They have the knowledge, expertise, products, and tools to carry out suitable repair work.

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