How to Prepare Your Asphalt Pavement During the Summer

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Asphalt paved surface is resilient, but extreme winter conditions can affect its durability. So, when summer arrives with longer daylight hours and conducive weather, it is important to inspect your asphalt paved surface thoroughly and carry out maintenance and repair work as needed. Summer also brings problems for asphalt, like increased traffic and stronger UV rays that negatively impact the paving. That’s why you must utilize the summertime for asphalt upgrades so that it enhances its durability in the long term.

Here is what you can do to prepare your asphalt pavement this summer:

Carry Out a Thorough Inspection:

Give the asphalt surface a thorough visual inspection. Look out for cracks and dips in the asphalt leading to water accumulation. A cracked surface makes way for water to penetrate the subgrade, leading to its failure.

Get Your Asphalt Surface Thoroughly Cleaned:

Summertime is the perfect time to clean your asphalt surface and eliminate the debris and dirt that might be clinging to it.

Get a Fresh Sealcoating Done:

It is a known fact that a seal coat protects your asphalt paved surface from the harmful UV rays and enhances its longevity. Ideally, asphalt surfaces should be seal coated every 2-3 years, and the onset of the summer months is the best time to get it done. It dries fast at this time of the year, saving your business from major downtime later. Connect with the Asphalt Pavement Services in Annapolis by Premier Paving and book a new seal coating service before the summer is in full swing.

Get the Repair Work Done:

The inclement winter conditions take a toll on asphalt surfaces. Cracks on the surface are commonly seen once the snow has melted away. The rise in temperature during the summer months can cause the cracks to expand added by increased summer traffic, leading to further deterioration of the paving. Get the cracks sealed and the pothole repaired before it is too late.

New Asphalt Installation:

Does your paved asphalt surface need a major revamp? Perhaps it is time to install new asphalt. Summer is the best time to get your new asphalt installation done, and the high temperature in summer lets the asphalt cure longer. A professional asphalt services company can inspect your site and tell you whether you need a completely new installation or just an addition or overlay.

Redo the Line Striping:

The marking lines on paved parking lots/ roadways fade away during winters. These lines are important for traffic movement and prevent accidents, so summer is the best time to request a redo of the line striping.

Are you looking for asphalt pavement services in Annapolis this summer? Be it new asphalt installation, seal coating, or asphalt maintenance and repairs, the experts at Premier Paving can help you. Call them to book a free inspection and quote.