Commercial & Residential Grading Services in Maryland

Commercial & Residential Grading Services in Maryland

A solid foundation is key to the successful completion of any asphalt paving project. The site to be paved must be properly graded and excavated. If these steps are not carried out properly, the paved surface will eventually collapse. If you have seen paved surfaces having puddles of water during a heavy downpour, likely, the asphalt paving at the site was not carried out properly, says the paving experts at Premier Paving MD, a reputed commercial & residential grading company in Maryland. They add that to build a durable paved surface, it is very important to understand the starting steps which begin with grading, excavating and site preparation.

The Importance of Grading in Site Preparation for Asphalt Paving

Grading makes way for a level base upon which the construction of the roadway can take place. The land needs to be cut, filled and leveled, and pitched appropriately for drainage of water. When drainage is not proper, the water can accumulate in the subgrade leading to the collapse of the paved surface. Another essential thing to know about grading is that the sub-grade must be right and adequate. When the subgrade is sound, the grading is effective and consistent. No land in its natural state is ready to be paved, it has to be prepared for paving by grading it first.

Grading is also a step in the repair process of a paved surface. Asphalt paved surfaces are quite durable, but they suffer wear and tear over time and will eventually break down. That is its natural life cycle over several years. When you want to repair such a paved surface, grading and paving will come to your rescue. On such a paved surface, the stones in the substrate become part of the soil beneath the driveway. But asphalt should not be paved over such a base as it is not a structurally solid foundation. These stones need to be graded to level them and then quarry dust must be added. This makes the foundation strong, and the asphalt paving done on such a surface will be durable.

Many factors including the quality of soil, soil density at the site, erosion control, etc., need to be checked when starting the grading process. The principles and technical aspects that must be applied when grading a surface for asphalt paving are best understood by experts. If you are looking for a reliable commercial & residential grading contractor in Maryland, we recommend that you check out Premier Paving MD. They have several years of experience in residential and commercial paving and know what it takes to build a paved surface that lasts for years. From grading, stone, and gravel, seal coating, parking lot paving, asphalt milling, etc., they offer a range of related services. Connect with them today and get a free evaluation of your site.