How to Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot During the Rainy Season

How to Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot During the Rainy Season

Asphalt paved parking lots are resilient and durable when properly taken care of. However, many property owners do not know how to take care of it appropriately during the rainy season, leading to unwarranted problems. So, today let’s discuss how to maintain your asphalt paved parking lot during the rainy season.

1. Keep your parking lot clean and sweep it regularly:

Keeping your parking lot clean and tidy is a year-round necessity, but it needs a little extra effort during the rainy season. Garbage, debris, and chemical spills in the parking lot are common during the rains and must be proactively cleaned. If you offer your parking lot space to customers as a service, having a clean parking lot helps create a positive impression on the customers.

2. Check out for stagnant pool of water on the paved surface:

Your asphalt paved parking lot must have a proper drainage system that appropriately drains away from the rainwater. However, if your parking lot paving is old or the draining system is not functioning properly now, it can accumulate rainwater on the paved surface. It can lead to cracks on the paved surface, which will eventually affect it adversely. So, when it is raining heavily outside, inspect your parking lot thoroughly and identify areas where rainwater tends to pool. Consult your asphalt paving contractor and address the issues as soon as possible.

3. Any cracks or potholes must be fixed:

Cracks, even the smallest ones, are a sign of hazard. A small crack, when not fixed, gets bigger with time and makes way for a pothole. It is dangerous for the customers and their vehicles and can expose the foundation of the parking lot. Get your parking lot inspected by a professional asphalt paving services company that can do the repair work. The more you wait, the worse it will get and the more it will cost you to get the repair work done.

4. Keep an eye on the weather:

The weather must be conducive to carrying out asphalt repair successfully. Rainy days are ideal for getting the repair work done, so keep an eye on the weather forecast. If there is a stretch of dry days together, get the repair work scheduled during those days. Waiting for rains to be over and summer to arrive might be late, in case the problem in your asphalt paving lot needs immediate attention.

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