Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Asphalt Parking Lots

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Asphalt Parking Lots

Asphalt is a durable material to use for commercial parking lot paving. However, it cannot escape the vagaries of nature altogether. Add to that the continuous use of the space by vendors, clients, customers, staff, vehicles, etc., over the years add to its wear and tear. If you do not take appropriate preventive measures at regular intervals, it can create safety hazards for the users and not to mention that a poorly maintained commercial parking lot doesn’t make a good impression on the business.

Preventive maintenance measures help to preserve your parking lot and help in delaying/avoiding costly and disrupting repaving work. The key to preventive asphalt paving maintenance is knowing what factors are damaging. Extreme weather condition puts a lot of stress on asphalt, standing water on the paved surface leads to cracks and potholes. The key is to address any issue as soon as it arises. For example, if there is standing water in your parking, it is because the drainage is not correct, address the root cause while also repairing any cracks and potholes that have surfaced on the paving.

Here are our top tips for the preventive maintenance of commercial asphalt paving:

1. Regular Cleaning Is a Must

Good deep cleaning does wonders for the maintenance of the asphalt paved surface. When you clean the parking lot, ensure that the surface dirt and debris are cleaned away. Pay special attention to any oil stains or spills. The oil can penetrate the asphalt and cause damage to the surface which will affect its durability and longevity. When you are proactively keeping your parking lot clean you can save yourself from unwanted costly repairs in the future – as the saying goes a stitch in time saves nine.

2. Check for Cracks

Carry out a regular inspection of the parking lot and check out for any cracks that might develop. Cracks must be addressed as soon as you find them. The longer they remain unaddressed, the more extensive they spread damaging the paving. Water may seep through the cracks and make the paving unstable.

3. Repair Potholes at the Earliest

Once water seeps under the paving, potholes start forming. The repair process for potholes is pretty much standard – clean, heat, pour the custom-made aggregate mix, and let the mixture cool and set. Repairing the potholes in time is crucial; if left unchecked, they keep growing, and with it the cost of repairing the parking lot increases. It also affects the integrity and stability of the asphalt surface.

4. Sealcoating Every 2-3 years

The longevity of the asphalt paved surface is enhanced when you get it seal coated every 2-3 years. It protects the surface by putting a layer to keep UV rays, oil stains, and water at bay.

5.Parking Lot Striping

Having a properly marked parking lot helps the users in navigating it better. Over time the lines fade. Getting a fresh layer of parking lot stripes helps in keeping the parking in good shape and makes a good impression on the users.

It is best to hire a professional company for commercial parking lot repair. If you are looking for contractors for commercial parking lot paving in Baltimoreconnect with the experts at Premier Paving MD.