Stone and Gravel Driveway Services in Annapolis, Baltimore & Bowie

Stone And Gravel Driveway Services

Are you exploring various materials for your driveway installation? Is budget a constraint? Well, then you must consider using gravel and stones as a material of choice. Long driveways look great, but they can be quite expensive to install with asphalt. Regular maintenance of asphalt will also add to the cost. Gravel driveways on the other hand cost a fraction of asphalt and are long-lasting. They can withstand regular vehicle traffic and are cheaper to maintain too.

Gravel driveways are popular among some as they are low-cost and are particularly prevalent in rural areas. There are many benefits of installing a gravel driveway, such as they are cost low and are easier to install. Gravel can be easily replenished when displaced. It drains well and compacts well. One of the cons of having a gravel driveway is weeds can grow in the gravel and it will need regular maintenance. Also, it can be particularly difficult to snowplough.

Things to Remember When Installing Gravel Driveways


Gravel driveways are great if you have a long driveway. They work great in a rural setting and also in certain urban homes. When installing gravel driveways, it helps to have a buffer zone around the gravel driveway area to capture stray gravel and stones.

Gravel driveways are flexible, if you have a large tree around the driveway area with far-reaching roots, a gravel driveway can accommodate it well. Large properties prefer gravel driveways due to their cost-effectiveness. Other than keeping it in shape in places when snow in winter is the norm, there are no major problems with gravel driveways.

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