The Top 5 Snow Removal Tips for Homeowners in Maryland

The Top 5 Snow Removal Tips for Homeowners in Maryland

Winter can be a lovely time of year, but it also brings with it its own set of challenges, particularly for homeowners in Maryland. Snow and ice can create hazards on sidewalks, driveways, and roads, making it important to take steps to keep your property safe. Here are five snow removal tips to help you prepare for the winter season.

Invest in a Good Snow Shovel

A good snow shovel is essential for clearing snow from your driveway and sidewalks. Some shovels have a built-in blade-scraper to help remove ice, and others have a curved blade that makes it easier to lift heavy snow. Go for a shovel with a sturdy handle and blade, and choose a size that’s comfortable for you to use.

Get a Snow Blower

If you have a large driveway or a lot of sidewalks to clear, a snow blower can be a lifesaver. They come in gas-powered or electric models, so you can choose one that suits your needs and budget. Just be sure to read reviews and compare features before you buy, and remember that snow blowers are not ideal for clearing snow from steps or tight spaces.

De-ice Walkways

Ice can be especially hazardous, so it’s important to de-ice your walkways to prevent slips and falls. You can use rock salt or another de-icing product to melt ice, but be careful not to use too much, as it can damage plants and cause runoff that can harm nearby streams or wells. Instead, consider using sand or kitty litter for traction on slippery surfaces.

Clear Snow Safely

Snow shoveling can be hard work, so take breaks and stretch regularly. Drink plenty of water, dress warmly, and take it slow to avoid overexertion. When clearing snow, push it to the side instead of lifting it, and be careful not to throw snow into the street, as it can create hazards for cars and pedestrians.

Hire a Professional

If you’re unable to clear the snow yourself or don’t have the time, it is best to hire professional snow removal services. A professional snow removal service can clear your driveway, sidewalks, and steps and help with de-icing.

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