Why Do Professionals Consider Driveway Drainage Solutions Important?

Why Do Professionals Consider Driveway Drainage Solutions Important?

Irrespective of the material used, all driveways require a proper drainage system to protect them and the house from different types of water damage. Some of these are soil erosion, cracks appearing in the driveway, and moisture in the house. Inadequate driveway drainage can also lead to a flooded garage.

Check out some of these other areas where you may also consider drainage solutions:

  • Patios and pool decks
  • Playgrounds and gardens
  • Golf courses
  • Parking lots
  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Walkaway areas

The good news is that while issues may pop up due to poor drainage systems, there are solutions to handle them as well.

1. Driveway Drains

It is not easy to resolve the drainage issues with correct slope and placement when a property sits below street level. You should install Driveway drains in such situations. You can install a trench drain or a French drain where the driveway and the garage meet.

However, use a metal grate to cover the trench drain. It is to ensure that there is no debris clogging the pipe. You can also install smaller site drains in those driveway areas where water collects.

2. Standing Water in the Yard 

If your driveway is sloped or the drainage system is ineffective, heavy rainfall can direct the water to the yard’s lower area. On most occasions, such rainfall can create standing water and also develop humidity.

You should make sure to use advanced techniques and the best materials to build your drainage system. A likely solution to handle the problem is to deploy stormwater drainage solutions into a well-designed landscape. You need to ensure that water flows directly into a safe zone to avoid standing water. You can also regrade the surface of your driveway to divert the heavy rainfall into a zone away from the yard.

3. Driveway Puddles

If a driveway is installed improperly, it shows signs of weak points and sunken areas. Driveways also do not get proper care and maintenance leading to potholes and surface cracks. Frozen water can get into potholes and cracks to create more damage to the surface of your driveway.

Usually, if there are minor sunken issues in your driveway area, professionals correct the problem by filling it. They also install small drainage systems so that water can flow to a safe zone. However, if your driveway area is seriously sunken, it will need pavement striping. After removing the damaged driveway, we advise a professional new installation, which comprises a quality driveway drainage system.

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