What Does a Paving Company/Contractor in Maryland for Residential Paving Do?

Asphalt Driveway Contractors Maryland

Carrying out residential paving is not a DIY job. You need to hire a professional commercial paving company to do the work for you. Residential paving once built needs to last years with some maintenance from time to time. So, a good knowledge of the designing details, construction material, the process of application, etc., is a must. If you are looking for a commercial paving contractor to carry out residential paving for you, you should do your homework, so that you know what to expect from them.

As a homeowner, you should draw a contract with the paving contractor you choose that contains the specifics of the project right from the subgrade preparation, drainage, utility protection, base construction, pavement thickness, and asphalt course.

Here are some of the things you must do when searching for a paving contractor.

– Get proposals from a couple of contractors and compare their rates, construction material, and mix used.

– Check out the completed paving projects by the short-listed contractors.

– Discuss and agree on the minimum compacted thickness of the paving.

– Insist on having a written contract with the company. Include clauses for guarantee and maintenance provided by them.

Designing the Paving:

When designing the residential paving, care must be taken regarding the position of trees and shrubs. The roots of the trees may pose a problem to the paving as they grow. The driveway should be designed such that they conform to the terrain they are built on. When driveways with curves are built, the width on the curve should be increased on sharp curves.

Specifics of the Pavement:

The width of the pavement is an important factor to consider for residential Asphalt driveway. For a single automobile, a width of eight to ten feet is a must. For two-car driveways, twenty feet width is necessary. If you need pavement for pedestrians, then another 2 to 4 feet width must be added. The point where the driveway and the street meet should have a radius of six to eight feet.

Pavement Thickness:

The minimum pavement compacted thickness varies depending on how the paving is done, whether it is all asphalt or a composite. If the design requirement demands so, the thickness may need to be increased.

Subgrade Preparation:

The subgrade must be prepared properly and must be compacted and graded, as it serves as the base on which the rest of the process is carried out. A visual survey should tell if the elevation is good enough. Any utilities that have lines underground must be taken care of. The area that is paved is generally treated to prevent flora growth.


One of the most important factors to influence the durability of the paving is drainage. The contour of the driveway should be such that the surface water naturally moves towards the nearest drainage. The water should not remain standing on the pavement.

All these and more steps like base construction, tack coat, asphalt surface coat, sealing, etc., need to be taken care of when building the driveway. These tasks are best left to experienced professionals who know the nitty-gritty of the work.

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