Why You Should Not Delay in Fixing Potholes

fix driveway potholes

Potholes are caused in the driveway when excess water gets beneath the paved surface and weakens the soil. Changing temperature during different seasons of the year and everyday wear and tear also play a major role in developing potholes in the driveway . The potholes in the driveway do not just cause inconvenience to the users but also pose a safety risk to you, your family, and other visitors. When the repair work of potholes is delayed for long, potholes are aggravated and increase in size. It can also lead to the development of cracks on the paved surface, repairing which can get more expensive. It is important to fix driveway potholes as soon as they develop.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not delay fixing potholes.

1. Potholes On The Driveway are a Safety Hazard

Potholes make the driveway surface uneven and threaten people who walk or drive on the driveway. Senior citizens with mobility issues and kids may trip and fall on such surfaces and sustain injuries. Potholes on the driveway can mar your driving experience; they can damage the underside of your vehicle and cause a puncture in the tires. In short, not fixing potholes on time can cause other problems – to your car or the people using the driveway and can lead to other expenses.

2. Potholes Will Get Enlarged and Lead to Cracks on the Driveway

A small pothole can get larger with time when not treated in time. During the rainy season, water will accumulate in the pothole and seep into the ground and make the soil beneath weaker, which will lead to the development of more potholes in the driveway . When potholes are small, repairing them is relatively easy and less expensive – a simple sealing can also work. But, if you delay it long, the whole driveway can get spoiled, which can cost you much more.

3. A Damaged Driveway Affects Your Property Value

A damaged driveway looks unsightly and unpleasant and degrades the house’s overall look, and it creates a negative impression on the people visiting your property. A damaged driveway can decrease your property value. So, if you are ever thinking of selling your house, a poorly maintained and damaged driveway will decrease its resale value. So, fixing potholes quickly as and when they occur is always a good idea; delaying the repair is not.

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