Best Paving Materials For Your Driveway or Parking Lot

asphalt driveway in Baltimore

Parking lots and driveways are two crucial elements of any area. If they are poorly constructed or damaged, it disturbs the entire city. If you have a commercial space, installing the right kind of parking lot becomes a part of your landscape designing. The overall experience of your employees, clients, partners and visitors, about your company will depend on a smooth driveway and well-maintained parking lot. Naturally, when it comes to deciding what materials to use for the crucial space, people get confused.

The most popular and efficient paving materials are Concrete and Asphalt. Let’s get to know their qualities and challenges. Read on to know the best paving material for you.

Concrete Parking Lots & Driveways:

Many people around the globe go with Concrete as the paving material. There are many advantages of concrete including,

  • Concrete paving requires zero to bare minimum maintenance cost.
  • Concrete pavements last for a prolonged period, up to 15-20years.
  • Concrete produces hard pavement and it has good sustainability against heavy vehicles.
  • Concrete has the ability to give protection against high temperature.
  • Concrete is not affected by oil leaks.
  • Concrete driveways reduce 15 to 20% fuel consumption on an average as compared to asphalt roads.
  • The concrete driveways and parking lots can better combat surface water related issues.
  • Good resistance against wind and water.

There are a few disadvantages as well, especially if you are using concrete in places witnessing snowy winters like Maryland.

  • Relatively high cost of paving.
  • High preliminary costs for construction.
  • Concrete driveways are durable but when they rupture or get damaged, maintenance is more costly than asphalt because the entire concrete slab has to be substituted.
  • Mud pumping issues are frequent
  • Concrete driveways can become slippery and accident-prone
  • When snow is accumulated on concrete, they don’t dissolve, creating a watery and slippery driveway and parking lot.
  • The weight of heavy snow can crack the concrete pavements

Asphalt Parking Lots & Driveways:

Asphalt, on the other hand, presents the best advantages when you are expecting snow. It is also becoming the choice of most people rapidly. Studies show that nearly 94% of all road surfaces in the USA is Asphalt. The advantages of an Asphalt parking lot and driveway are many including,

  • Asphalt pavements offer high skid resistance.
  • Asphalt driveways and parking lots provide high contrast in color between the pavement and road markers.
  • Asphalt pavements provide a comparatively uniform surface and a smooth driveway.
  • The pavement needs only terminal maintenance.
  • Highly resilient when faced with rolling freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Asphalt is 100% recyclable and the most recycled product in America.
  • Asphalt surfaces are aesthetically pleasing.
  • All asphalt pavements have a bridging action and are flexible, which means they can withstand occasional overloads without serious damage.

If you are in Annapolis MD and around, there are not many disadvantages to discussing Asphalt paving. Go with this material for your driveways and parking lots without any worries. We at Premier Paving take complete responsibility and obtain the proper grade to support your new asphalt driveway Baltimore or recondition your existing one. Having a smooth finish can ensure that everyone uses a nice safe walking and driving surface. Our company specializes in new parking lots, paved expansions and/or asphalt repairs that will enhance your business space. Contact us today for free estimation of your project.

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