Asphalt Paving Parking Lot Expansion and Rehabilitation Project

Parking Lot Paving Company Annapolis

Asphalt paving in the parking lot is meant to last years when done properly. A hurried job in asphalt paving is not a good idea as it could affect the durability of the paving. However, it would help if you have a maintenance plan for the upkeep of the paving. A proper maintenance plan helps the asphalt to last longer. If you are looking to expand your parking lot or your parking lot needs rehabilitation, you should look out for a reputed paving contractor who can do a good job for you. If you are looking for a parking lot paving company in Annapolis , check out Premier Paving. They are among the best in the area and service locations in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Bowie. 

Steps Followed in A Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project

Remember, there is no shortcut to perfection when it comes to asphalt paving.
To carry out the rehabilitation project of your parking lot successfully, your contractor must survey the present condition of the parking lot. It should be checked for any areas of compromise like cracks, potholes, standing water on the surface after rains, etc. For a more stable job, milling the existing paving is necessary, and an inspection of the subgrade might also be required.

If there are issues with the subgrade, it would need to be filled with recycled aggregate to create a sound base for the paving. Creating a stable sub-base is one of the most important steps in a paving project, as it is the foundation over which the paving is laid. In certain cases, a binder layer might also be needed – it is a layer between the sub-base material and the surface; your contractor should inform you if adding it will be required in your parking lot expansion and rehabilitation project.

Once the base is ready, new asphalt is ready to be laid. Care should be taken to maintain a slope for water drainage. Once the new asphalt layer is laid, the surface is compacted using rollers. The final step in the asphalt paving project is pavement parking. It is important to regulate traffic movement in the parking lot. A clean and properly striped parking lot stands out and makes a good impression on the users.

So, you have an idea now about all the steps that go into a parking lot expansion and rehabilitation project. The scope of work mostly includes milling out the existing pavement, regrading and compacting the base material as necessary, and then laying down a new asphalt paving. The experts at Premier Paving take care of every tiny bit of detail about paving to deliver the best results to their clients. Your search for the best Parking Lot Paving Company in Baltimore, Annapolis, or Bowie ends here. For more information and to discuss your paving project, get in touch with Premier Paving today.